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Posted by Grace , wife to Rolly; mother to Amir & Ace

A fitting venue for a filipiniana fairytale wedding

...Boredom is the source of inventiveness. As people got tired of the usual hotel wedding receptions that prove to be very costly, try to search for friendlier alternatives. Here is the place brought about the emergence of garden and theme wedding and dawning of the new garden-venue rentals. not only it is more economical but it allows the bride to live out a one-in-lifetime fancy of flora and fauna this is
the perfect place for the perfect moment...

Timeless romance of a filipiniana wedding is still closest to the hearts of many brides in our country, and here I discovered Marie Ann's Garden, a fitting venue for filipiniana fairytale wedding to be possible...

Entrance Venue

Marie Ann's Gardens landscape is dominated by a turn of the century house with 21th century convenience. This building houses an office, utility area, and bridal suite which also has period of interiors similar to Intramuros' Casa Manila. A stone staircase complete with a fog and bubble machine provides the bride a mystical moment, as she walk down to the garden reception.

The famous stone-staircase

Steps for love...

View from window

.........We believe that beautiful weddings need not to bee costly, It is indeed the value for money alternative..... Here there's no need for a hotel reservation for an extravagant photo-shoot for wedding preparation, its all here.

...It also offer an in-house photographer, but if because of a tight budget i might also try there horse-drawn carriage similar to that used by e Princess Diana, it give a feeling of being a local royalty for short meaningful time.

.............Marie Ann's Garden develop a tradition of asking willing brides to pose in a nude or semi-nude in a tasteful wedding related pictorials before they put on their traje de boda. It is a celebration of the Filipino woman, which intends to capture the last moments of maidenhood. I'm a little bit nervous at the same time excited to try this new adventure .

What seems to me at first prove to see my self is a humor and logic behind of it. After eventual motherhood, my alluring figures may be but a memory at all or maybe when infidelity occurs on the part of my husband, I might show these photos to remind him how pure and how beautiful I was when I married him.


Surprisingly the venue rental is cheap at around P12-17 ,000 (year 2006)
which includes the assistance of a very nice wedding coordinator up to the very end of the event.

Dinner time at the gazebo..............

...High standard accredited caterers offer packages for as low as P250 pesos per head.


Address: 387 Gen. Luna St. Malabon


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